I. Registration

Pre-registration for the event will only be accepted on the event’s website. Payments will be accepted at the door on the days of the events. If you are spectating, you do not need to register. Upon arrival, the attendee is required to read and sign a waiver. This waiver will be signed before the setup of any equipment. Upon signature of the waiver, and completion of the registration process, the attendee will be permitted to set up their equipment in their assigned area. If an attendee refuses to sign this waiver, they will not be permitted to participate in the event, and will be asked to leave the premises.

Finally, you must be 15 or older to attend the event. Special exceptions will be allowed if proper arrangements and agreements are made in advance.

II. Equipment (Hardware)

Participants in the event will be allotted two power outlets and one ethernet cable connected to the network for use with their equipment; one outlet for use with a monitor, and the other for use with their tower. Power strips/surge protectors are permitted, but we ask that you keep the amount of connected devices as low a possible. Extra outlets (if only one is used) cannot be distributed to other attendees.

Speakers will not be permitted for use at any time during the event, regardless of whether they require excess outlets or not. Only headphones are allowed for sound output.

WVU Tech and ACM are not responsible for providing extra peripherals for use by any attendee of the event. Those attending are responsible for making sure they have all equipment they will need to participate in the event. In the event of an emergency, other attendees may be asked to borrow any needed equipment. Also, equipment may be purchased at nearby locales. We are not responsible for any damage done to any lent/borrowed equipment during the event.

III. Security and Software

The software used during the event will not be provided to you by WVU Tech or ACM. This must be acquired on your own. This includes any games, utilities, and any other software used during the event. We will only support legitimately purchased software and will not tolerate CD-Key conflicts.

All machines participating in the event are subject to antivirus scans without notice. This is for our security, as well as yours. If you do not have any type of antivirus program, it is suggested that you acquire one before the event takes place, to avoid potential complications.

A good free antivirus program is known as Avast! This software is distributed by Avast!, and can be acquired from their website, free of charge. Their website can be located at:

Also, it is recommended that you have the latest Windows patches/updates. These can be acquired by using the Windows Update feature on your computer.

If any security-threatening traffic/activity is detected, the source of this activity will be traced and the participant will have their network access revoked. If the source of the activity is repaired, the participant’s system will be restored network access. If the activity cannot be stopped, the participant will be suspended from the event until it can be repaired. The attendee will not be asked to leave.

Any hacking/illegal activities detected on the network will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the event, as well as removal from the premises. Any fees paid will not be refunded.

Any cheating or exploiting that is witnessed or detected during the event, whether it be during a tournament or not, will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the event, as well as removal from the premises. If you are unsure what qualifies as an exploit or cheat, be sure to ask the staff to clear up any confusion.

No changes to the network will be permitted in any way. This includes alterations such as swapping/changing of IP addresses, and other logical changes, as well as physical changes, such as alteration of access points, cables, etc. This is a requirement, as the network must remain unchanged to properly monitor its security. Anyone caught making unapproved alterations will be asked to leave the premises.

IV. Refreshments

Refreshments are permitted to be in the Gaming Area during the event and will be provided with admission.

V. Behavior

During the course of the event, there will be strict regulations regarding the behavior and demeanor of the attendees. These regulations are as follows:

No Rowdiness/Horseplay
No Sharing of Computers
No Alteration of Computers (other than your own)
No Tampering with Networking and Electrical Equipment
No Destruction or Damage of Equipment
No Harassment or Threats (to other Attendees or Staff)
No Profanity
No Weapons
Drug Use Prohibited
Tobacco Use Prohibited
Alcohol Use Prohibited

VI. Disclaimer

All regulations stated above are subject to the discretion of the staff. All decisions made regarding these regulations are final, and are not subject to appeal in any way, shape, or form.

WVU Tech and ACM are not responsible for any damages to the personal property of any attendee, including equipment, vehicles, etc.