All tournament rules and times are subject to change at the discretion of the event holders at any time during the event.

PC Games

  • Overwatch 3v3 elimination
  • Dive Kick (w/ controllers, best of 3 for Finals)
  • Hearthstone
    Best of 5. (Conquest Format)  4 classes, ban 1. If you lose with a deck, you can keep playing with it. If you win with a deck, you must pick one of a different class.
  • Rocket League 3v3 (Best of 3)


Console Games

  • Super Smash Brothers – Nintendo Wii U
    No items, 2 stock, 5 minute matches until semi-finals. No items, unlimited time, 3 stock matches from semi-finals onward.
  • Mario Kart¬†Double Dash – Gamecube
  • Mario Maker