Join the Fight for Net Neutrality!

As you may have heard, the FCC plans to vote on net neutrality soon. This serves as a countdown and reminder of their vote. If you value your home internet connection and wish to protect the rights that you have by paying for it, then join the fight and tell the FCC to vote FOR NET NEUTRALITY!

Recap Fall 2014

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Fall 2014 TechLAN. We are already underway with plans for the Spring 2015 LAN4LIFE Charity LAN. We hope to be back with a brand new Gigabit network and wifi (if our request for funds is approved). Once we have a meeting planned, we will announce it, and we hope you show up to support us as we expand TechLAN to be bigger than ever before.

The Spring LAN4LIFE date has been set for March 14th!
Games will be chosen by February 14th.

More info to come soon!

Rent-a-Rig for TechLAN.

Dr Carlson of the Physics Department at WVU Tech has lent out his desktop computers for use at TechLAN. The "rigs" will be available for rent for anywhere from $20 to $40. The rental fee covers use of the computer for the entire TechLAN event. Once you pay the fee to rent-a-rig you are responsible for taking care of the computer during the event. Any damage done to the computer or peripherals will be covered by the renter.